August 20, 2018

Kingston Interspecies Community Research Group

The Kingston Interspecies Community (KISC) research group is exploring the role of intentional interspecies communities (e.g. communities such as sanctuaries for formerly farmed animals) in helping us to imagine, explore, and disseminate ideas and practices of interspecies justice and community.
The key activities of the group are:

  • Conducting multispecies ethnographic research in local interspecies communities, with the aim of understanding how these communities function as forms of society, co-created by their human and non-human members, and committed to the flourishing of all members. Connecting this grounded research to emerging scholarship in Human-Animal Studies concerning the nature of interspecies relationships, societies, politics, and geographies.

  • Holding occasional meetings to share work-in-progress, and to engage with visiting scholars. These meetings are open to interested students, researchers and members of the community. (Details will be posted on this website under latest news.)

Recent publications related to this project include:
– Blattner, C, Donaldson, S. and Wilcox, R. “Animal Agency in Community: A Political Multispecies Ethnography of VINE Sanctuary”. Politics and Animals Vol. 6 (2020):
– Van Patter, L and Blattner, C. “Advancing Ethical Principles for Non-Invasive, Respectful Research with Animal Participants”. Society & Animals (forthcoming).

For further information about the KISC research group, please contact Sue Donaldson (