Symposium on Kyle Johannsen’s Wild Animal Ethics

book cover of Kyle Johannsen's Wild Animal Ethics

APPLE is happy to sponsor a virtual symposium on Kyle Johannsen’s recent book Wild Animal Ethics: The Moral and Political Problem of Wild Animal Suffering

The symposium will be held over Zoom: link to the event.

Friday April 9 from 11 AM – 2 PM (Eastern Time)

Featuring commentaries by Nicolas Delon (New College of Florida), Bob Fischer (Texas State), Gary O’Brien (Oxford), and Clare Palmer (Texas A&M).

For information about the book, please see the description below.

You may also be interested in an interview about the book, that recently aired on the New Books Network.

“Though many ethicists have the intuition that we should leave nature alone, Kyle Johannsen argues that we have a duty to research safe ways of providing large-scale assistance to wild animals. Using concepts from moral and political philosophy to analyze the issue of wild animal suffering (WAS), Johannsen explores how a collective, institutional obligation to assist wild animals should be understood. He claims that with enough research, genetic editing may one day give us the power to safely intervene without perpetually interfering with wild animals’ liberties.”

Questions addressed include:

  • In what way is nature valuable and is intervention compatible with that value?
  • Is intervention a requirement of justice?
  • What are the implications of WAS for animal rights advocacy? 
  • What types of intervention are promising?