Workshop on “The Place of Animals in Science: Hidden Costs/Hidden Potential”

This workshop on ethical approaches to science education and inquiry was co-sponsored by APPLE and Queen’s Faculty of Education. It took place on April 22, 2015. The format was a panel discussion featuring experts in humane science and alternatives to dissection and animal use, including an (optional) opportunity for hands-on investigation of alternative pedagogies.

Panelists included:

  • Jan Oakley, Faculty of Education and Women’s Studies, Lakehead University
  • Teresa Lloro-Bidart, Science Education Department, California State University at Chico
  • Olivier Berreville, International Network for Humane Education (InterNiche)

The workshop was aimed in particular at science educators (primary, secondary and post-secondary) and researchers. For a recent commentary on this issue in a leading educational research journal, see “Flint’s Story: Education and Justice for Animals”. An information sheet containing links and resources relating to the theme of the workshop is available here.