March 17, 2017

Reading Group

Paulina Siemieniec is coordinator of the Animal Studies Reading Group and the Animal Studies Work-in-Progress Group. She also distributes a monthly newsletter of APPLE events. If you would like to join either group, or be added to the email list, please write to Paulina at Note that most meetings in 2022-23 will continue to be online via zoom. New and distant participants most welcome!

Winter 2023

Fall 2022

  • December 9: Wrage, Birte. “Caring animals and care ethics.” Biology & Philosophy, 37:18 (2022).
  • November 11: jones, pattrice. “Free as a bird: natural anarchism in action.” In Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An introductory anthology of anarchy in the academy, Routledge, 2009.
  • September 30: Chapter 4 and 10 in Ingold, T. The Perception of the Environment, 2000.

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Fall 2018

  • Animals As Legal Beings: Creating A Postanthropocentric Legal Subjectivity (forthcoming) by Maneesha Deckha.

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