“Messy Eating: Conversations on Animals as Food” Book Launch

You are invited to the launch at Queen’s University of a new book called Messy Eating: Conversations on Animals as Food (Fordham, 2019), edited by APPLE fellow Samantha King, R. Scott Carey, Isabel Macquarrie, Victoria Niva Millious and Elaine M. Power.

This collection of interviews includes conversations with Dr. Sharon Holland (Department of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Dr. Naisargi Dave (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto) who will be speaking at the launch.

When: Thursday, October 17, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Where: Room 103, Mitchell Hall, 69 Union St.

Literature on the ethics and politics of food and that on human–animal relationships have infrequently converged. Representing an initial step toward bridging this divide, Messy Eating features interviews with thirteen prominent and emerging scholars about the connections between their academic work and their approach to consuming animals as food. The collection explores how authors working across a range of perspectives—postcolonial, Indigenous, black, queer, trans, feminist, disability, poststructuralist, posthumanist, and multispecies—weave their theoretical and political orientations with daily, intimate, and visceral practices of food consumption, preparation, and ingestion.